4 Questions regarding the upcoming version

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  1. Dynamic Particle Materials

  2. Sun direction follows HDR

  3. Multi-selected models can be aligned to the original modeling coordinates

  4. Setting for materials not to be involved in rendering

  5. AO Mapping of materials

  6. Autosave and file backup

  7. Lens flare effects

  8. Camera variable speed motion control

  9. Camera Z-axis rotation

  10. Model group support for video keyframes

  11. d5a model group support for exporting and saving to a local library

  12. Different HDR settings for different scenes

  13. Real-time switches available in different preview qualities

  14. D5 Converter for Revit supports light sync

  15. D5 Converter for 3DS MAX supports live sync Beta Rendering

  16. GI further improvement

  17. Video high-frequency detail enhancement

My questions:

-Point 3: Can the scene objects in the new version be rotated, moved, scaled and deleted?
-Point 5: AO Mapping: Is it like Vray dirt map to enhance ambient occlusion?
-Point 15: What “Beta Rendering” means? That it is working but still in beta stage?
-Point 16: GI further improvement. Can you explain? We can handle technical answers. Thanks.


I will also have a question, has the displacement been improved?

Happy Holidays to everyone and thank you for the gift of D5 render.

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Point 3: yes, it is supposed to be supported in a future release
Point 5: yes, it’s an optional feature for certain materials effect enhancement
Point 15: “Rendering” should be a typo, sorry
Point 16: Secondary GI bounce cache in the previous version is still not as accurate as brute-force GI, so we enhance the algorithm and improve accuracy in version 1.8


This will be amazing, thanks Zeping!