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I’ve been playing around for a few days with D5, after buying the pro version, and trying to do a commercial project i’ve done in the past. Let’s see about d5 for medium sized residential projects…
A lot of things are great, but some really need improvement fast.
Instead of adding new features, I would concentrate on making this version quicker and easier to work with. Workflow is key!
I have a load of suggestions, but i will start with the materials:
Could be i’m doing something wrong, but if I don’t, I think it’s very strange that i have to choose if a materials has displacement, but no opacity.
Or a materials has opacity and light intensity , but no diplacement etc.
If i want to create my own water, with displacement, its impossible.
Also a light emitting transparent material is impossible.
There should be a material with all options enabled, or with checkboxes to enable certain parameters.
Also it would be great to have brightness/contrast/invert etc. controls for all map types, like height and ao.
Will keep you posted and keep up the good work!


Hi Glm,

Really really thank u for sharing your ideas in the forum! With regard to the material request, I have passed it on to our team. Also, you can vote or post on our new site for users’ voice:

Besides, can you tell me your previous or common workflow and project types? Glad to hear more from you and we will optimize our product based on your sharing experience.

Best regards,

I second all these suggestions. I too bought the pro version to use on a small commercial project but I found the work flow of materials confusing. As with most you have check boxes, etcs all in one area to scroll down. Not tabs, on tabs, on buttons deep. Also the dark line surround objects gets a little confusing, maybe a light green/blue color would be better since if something is black in low light its hard to see if its even highlighted. Maybe its just me.

I’m used to using lumion, blender and 3ds max.

But everything about this program has me cheering it on to succeed because of the quality and speed it produces to get great looking renderings. It just needs some tweeks in the workflow to make it really standout.

Keep improving - you guys rock!

Hi Oliver,

No problem, much more suggestions to come!
But coming from 3dsmax, twinmotion and lumion, expectations are maybe a bit (too) high sometimes.
I really like the realtime aspect and realism. This makes me never wanting to go back to the others.
The things that 3dsmax ( Vray IPR is not this quick) and twinmotion ( less realistic) are missing. You guys seem to pick the best ideas from all these packages. That is exactly the way i would do it, if I were a software developer.
Great progress over the last couple of versions! Thats the reason I bought d5, because i’m confident a lot of good stuff is going to happen.

The thing that is worrying me for now, is that a project i recreated in D5, was way slower/sluggish viewport and more resource intensive than all of the other software. Video rendering was way slower. I know its hard to compare because the others miss raytracing.
But maybe this is because in d5 I cannot switch layers off. Normally I do this to speedup viewport navigation. I know in d5 I can create groups to hide. A combi would be great though.
Also a proxy/ adaptive degradation mode would also be great for navigating large projects.

The thing is, I need to be able to trust the software, and that’s still trial and error. I would very much hope that I can take on every project with d5! Changing software halfway is no option, would ruin my deadline :slight_smile:

But it would be great, if 3d scattered/painted grass can be switched on or off, or put on a layer and be unloaded from memory.
Normally i create 3d grass in the front for eye level renderings and for bird-eye views the same.
But when you change views, the grass is still present in a far away corner of the project, eating up resources. Same goes for trees. I want to be able to turn on and of vegetation per view/scene.
Especially for GPU rendering (i have a 8gb rtx 3070)

If you like I can mail you (project is still a bit confidential) the images from d5 and the competition.

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