After 2 projects, some requests from my side

If something has already been answered or implemented, sorry for my lack of knowledge!

larger fog values:
I noticed, that the fog when being used in real-world dimensions (based on an import of 3DS MAX) is even at maxed-out settings incl. max. scattering quite thin and faint. It starts coming to effect after hundreds of meters. So my wish would be a higher range of settings to increase fog thickness even further.

larger DOF(Bokeh) values:
similar to above, I’d like a wider range to make things even more unsharp if I’d wish to

render queue:
When f.i. switching elements invisible or changing materials for creating a variant, the render queue function should remember this. I don’t like being forced into going back and forth to scene settings for that

render image size templates (2k/4k/6k):
I’d like them to be FHD 1920x1080 and powers of that - just to be in line with industry standards.

rendering / composition:
when setting up a render, this is the first time you really see your image frame/clipping. An overlay in the main application window (showing a safe frame, f.i.) should help a lot and avoid going back and forth.

we need more assets, especially decorative stuff for dressing up classic Archviz scenes (furniture, even in groups for living/bed rooms /kitchen, plants in modern elegant pots, garden furniture and assets, but also leaves in patches, modern lamps and street furniture). I’d not bother with “old” looking stuff but rather orient on contemporary and modern design and stuff that we Archviz people need on a daily basis (no vintage street lamps as an example). Coming from Lumion, this is its main advantage, still. Quality should be more important then quantity.

it would be awesome to get (customizable!) decals. They are so useful to add detail… Just add them please.

people assets:
although I like the quality of the people, one thing is annoying: When doing still images, the animation of the people is not controllable. I’d like to be able to scrub the timeline of the person to a certain moment, to composite the image to my liking.

HDRI implementation:
When using custom HDRI, only one custom HDRI is allowed per scene. This is bad when trying to recreate different lighting options for let’s say an exterior house rendering. So more flexibility would be much appreciated here.

we need them. please add them. they are standard in every application, for a reason. It’s just necessary to keep things organized.

Thanks a lot guys!
Best, Daniel