Audi Dealership Showcase + D5 Project [ MANISH LOHIA ]

Hi Guys,

I worked on this Audi dealership project I while ago and gave it a try using D5 render 1.6, I am really impressed with what D5 render can do specially with interiors.

Comments & Suggestions are most welcome.

Hope you like the renders.

More renders coming soon.

Also D5 project files & sketchup models for all my public renders will be avaialble for download at :

Manish Lohia



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@Ploni Thankyou !!

Strange that your exteriors are better than your interiors. Normally exteriors are much harder to do. Anyway, great work.

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Enjoyed it! Keep it up :wink:

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Thankyou :slight_smile: !!

Happy that you liked it :smiley:

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