Basic 3d models

Hi, apart from human characters and vegetation, we would also like to have other 3d models like:

  • Interior decoration: lamps, vases, photo frames, murals, sculptors, cushions, etc
  • Furniture: sofa, armchair, beds, side table, bar chair, basic chairs, etc
  • Animals: pets, birds, etc
  • Kitchenware: utensils, microwave, fridge, cabinets, etc
  • stationery: paper, pens, pins, markers, board, etc

Thank you very much.

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Coming soon

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If you need it urgently, you can visit here to download and use:
Hope the site is useful!

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Thank you so much. I downloaded one model from this website, but cant find it on my computer or in my D5 asset folder

It is a file that can be loaded onto assets, you can copy it to your my assets folder

OK Man!!!