Bathroom for a new B&B

i think D5 is very good and it will be amazing when the official release will be done.
Just wanted to share my work and say thanks to the staff working on this beautiful software.


Hello! I would like to know how you create this indirect light behind the mirror. I am looking for a result like this, but without success so far.

Hello, it’s just 4 string lights on the back edge of the mirror really close to the wall

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Thanks for your reply!

GPU based rendering engine will always be a niche product. Kinda toy rather than a workhorse like Vray RT or Iray in the past. You can use it, and its fun to play with but you stay with CPU renderers when it comes to a serious project. So as long as they’ve got no plan to come up with a serious CPU based software it would be better not to waste their time and money on a toy.

Hi Archg,

Thank you for your support and kind words❤️
We’ll keep working on.

P.S. Next version(Beta1.5) will come out soon. Have a look then!

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“Waste of time on toy”, sorry but it is really the opposite. I can understand this kind of software can look like a toy to a vray user but I am not a 3d artist, I am an architect I don’t have 1 week to spend to model and render 1 room cos I have much much other work to do other than that. So I need a fast software to give an idea to the the clients and if the glass reflection is not perfect I can assure nobody cares in real life.


Is it considered as a serious GPU application?

There are many more can be listed…

Architects operate in CAD software environment a lot so they are more likely using Quadro cards rather than gtx’s. But - you know - have your own way.