Beach apartments development

Done with Sketchup, D5 render and Photoshop.


What is 3D?


This is the original photo before Photomatch. :grin: Thanks!


absolutely great job, never seen such realism

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that’s insane. Great!
Can you show us a picture of sketchup.

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Yes of course, is divided in 2 sections, Main front building and the rest of the development.
Below i share both Sketchup pictures. :grin:


Thats mad, I can not believe that sketchup is able to work with such big model… Great job Bro… Really great

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Thank you Bro!!!

I use Sk as my main 3D software for some time and it is nice to be able to see this kind of quality.

The most challenging part is to align the proposed with the existing site. You manage to do it very convincing.

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Thank you :grin: I used an external app called “window Top” its very helpful but it would be better to have an inside function for that in D5

Do you mind sharing a link for ‘window Top’. Yes it would be a nice feature like Lumion where you can align your proposal with a image.

Thank you for sharing this! Very useful app :raised_hands: Look forward to trying this out.

This is very clever! Thank you for sharing

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So beautiful, congratulations