Being able to downgrade to previous version

With D5, we need to rely completely on “built in” rendering optimizations from the developers. That’s fine, but because of it, if in some future release there will be “an issue” for some users after upgrading, we are not able to downgrade. By “an issue” I mean a bug that could affect noise, image quality or rendering speed, for example.
What I am requesting is to be able to roll back to the previous version if something goes wrong, while the “potential issue” is being sorted. Not saying this will happen, but it would be really helpful to be able to downgrade immediately if a problem appears in a middle of a working deadline. Thanks.

would be really great
The other option: save all updates as I do.
If I can help you. I can only send you from 1.7.0274.

Thanks for the tip. Just brought the topic as a " what if" situation rather than an actual necessity right now…

Hi there,

thank you for the suggestion, has forwarded to the product team!

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Thanks Jessie!