BLURRY RENDERS - lower quality than the preview

D5 1.8.1:
Nvidia RTX 2080 MAX-Q:
driver 461.92 - 03.16.2021:
BLURRY RENDERS - lower quality than the preview :


Hi! Did you encounter before the problem with blurry renders? I render in 2k resolution and the result is like the picture attached. I saw other renders done in D5 and they are sharp. Do I have someting wrong with my render settings? Or is it something wrong with my graphic card settings?
I run a laptop Intel core i7-9750H 2.6GH,
32GB ram,
Nvidia RTX 2080 MAX-Q

No, I do not think so. Your graphics card is great. Don’t worry about it.

Most designers who work with rendering want to have everything even more perfect. Some rendering programs have an integrated editing program and can make such images.
The others use Photoshop, Affinity Photo or Luminar AI etc.
I edit with Affinity Photo or Luminar AI.
For your picture I invested about 5 seconds with Luminar. You can already see a small difference. This makes it easier for me to correct some errors and save myself long rendering times.

I think we all cook with water only.

Take the 6K rerender test

Because in 2K the resolution is not very good

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And always do a post production in Photoshop

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