Co- Work Office Render + D5 Project [ MANISH LOHIA ]

Hi Guys,

I am glad to share this image I did for a co-work office earlier this year. I re-did this image using D5 1.7.1.

Comments & Suggestions are most welcome.

Hope you like the renders.

More renders coming soon.

Also D5 project files & sketchup models for all my public renders will be avaialble for download at : Arch-Viz by Lohia Visuals

Manish Lohia


I like it. If you allow some suggestions I would make the Apple screen almost mirror like (hard reflection instead of soft reflection) and the left part of the ceiling less reflective.
And will darken a little bit the blinds to distinguish it from the white sky. A tad of overall saturation will help.

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How good is this. Love it.

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Excellent work. Very impressive…

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Woa! Good job!

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Thankyou, really appriciate your feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !!

Thankyou @modverne and @txtart !!