Converter problems in 3DSMax 2020


I’m having trouble converting a 3dsmax scene configured for v-ray to .D5A. Every time it reaches 98% of this error. After the error, 3DSMax closes.

When I convert to sketchup that does not fail, the file opens in sketchup normally, but when I import to D5 it is out of scale and all messed up.

Hey Anderson:

Thanks for your feedback, the wrong position with some imported .skp is a known issue, will be fixed soon.

About you can’t export it with the format .d5a, could I have the .max file for debugging? You could send it through google drive, and my mail address is


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Sent email with link. I hope it helps!

Guys did you try to set model’s coordinates all to zero (X,Y n Z)…
Im not sure, and I know this is not the answer to your issue. But i encountered this kind of situation when I imported parts by parts model during my Lumion project.

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Thanks for the help, but the problem is not so much in exporting from .skp, but in converting from .max to .d5a, where the converter is showing errors.

Oh I see. But based on you screen shot its already in a d5 environment… :slight_smile: