Crush D5

D5 Render Version: last
Graphics Card: Nvidia GEFORS GTX 1660Ti
Driver Version: studio, last

The problem is this: I have 28 different camera angles in my project. The first ones were made a week ago and now when I turn on by double-clicking for example the oldest view of the program, it crashes and all layers are turned on, although the view itself is saved with a minimum number of imported models. With this, I can create a new view with all the models and work with it. But unfortunately I need the settings for this particular view. The total weight of the loaded models is 4.5 GB.

Hi Naz,

Thanks for posting. From the error message, I think the issue cause is that some scene setting’s changing make it consume more video memory, so the previous view cannot load anymore.

But if you need the parameter setting of this particular view, I think you can use the Copy-Paste feature:
For reference, Scene List · (

If we misunderstand your meaning or you need further assistance, feel free to post back.


You understood my question correctly. It is a pity that there is nothing to do about it. This error is not the first time …

Thank you! We will keep optimizing the video memory consuming calculation, please wait for the new release of 1.9.0.


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