D5 1.8 - House project

Latest project in D5 1.8 /

Tried to make a strong, clean image. Hope you like it.


Nice project. Looks great.
What I do miss, is a bit of weathering effect, to make it more realistic.
I hope, this will come to D5.
In the image, you can see what I mean.

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Thanks Flamingo. I agree on the weathering effect. A vray dirt principle would be a fantastic addition. Lets hope it is coming in the near updates. I must say exterior has improved a LOT.

Have a good day.

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The vegetation is generally too yellow and saturated.
I do hope, there will come settings for the next update.

I like it. :ok_hand:

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wow great job! keep going!

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Thank you Robert!

Thanks dadi!

very clear vizualisation to describe the design sir!!
and realistic texture setting :+1: :+1:

was the wooden stripe wall made in individual texture every stripe? :sweat_smile:

Thanks jonjon, for the wooden cladding we use 5 different colours in the base model and 3 random patterns which we copy paste. This results in the ‘random’ textures. Takes some time and work but its the best solution for the moment.

I think on the roadmap there is a random UVW function in development (i hope) see example ; Redirect Notice

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