D5 1.9.0 - Launch failure might be caused by system DLLs missing, try to repair it automatically?

D5 1.9.0
GTX 1070

2021-05-29 16_15_25-Cortana

I have a problem after updating to version 1.9.0 & have tried the DXR Repairment tool but it still doesn’t work. Please help me!
D5 logs.zip (193.4 KB)

Problem solved!
It seems my antivirus program deleted some dll files needed by D5. So, by stopping the antivirus, download the installer v.1.9.0 and install it in another folder, then copy & replace all the dll files will make it works!

thank you for the solution! I think it can help other users a lot! Really thanks!

You’re welcome. I hope it can helps people with the same problem