D5 blender converter resets model's origin to geometry

Hi guys,

I’m trying out the exporter and it works very nice, the geometry and the materials (besides the transparency material issue) export very well, however it seems the exporter is not taking into account the origin you define in blender for the meshes.
Since I like to export things by separate (walls, frames, doors, etc) I usually set the meshes’ origin to 0,0,0, or I do a CTRL+A to apply all transformations and sets the origin of the mesh to 0,0,0 as well. This is a good procedure in case you need to export to collada to import later into sketchup since you insert each of the collada/dae meshes into sketchup with its origin and everything falls into place. However, D5 exporter is resetting this origin to the meshes’ geometry (center) so, for instance, I imported my “walls” collection into D5, and since its origin changed it will now be in a different place in D5 space. Then, the same thing, I tried importing my “doors” collection, and since its origin changed now it won’t show up in place in D5’s scene and I’ll be forced to place it by hand, without any snapping options available.

Same principle works for anything you got modeled specifically for a space, i.e. a kitchen, that you want to simply import and have it show up in the place you set its origin from blender.

Can you guys please check this?


For me it is not working properly. Most of the times it doesn’t export or take too long to do so and when exports textures don’t go together with the meshes.

Hey afecelis,

Thanks for your feedback, could I have you .blend file for debugging?

You can send it to me with google drive, and my mail address is jingming.liu@d5techs.com.

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Hi atherera,

Thanks for joining our beta test. Actually, in some cases, the converter has to bake many materials and the baking speed of Blender is a little low, we have optimized that. However, the baking process only could depend on the CPU, it may take a bit longer time to do that.

About the issue of missing textures, could I have your testing .blend file? You can send it with google drive, and my mail address: jingming.liu@d5techs.com

I’ll get the scene ready and send it to you, thank you.

Done! shared via google drive, please let me know if you got the file OK.



Hi, I don’t use google drive so I had to share through Dropbox.

Folder name: Arquivo D5 vindo do Blender Para envio

Hey, afecelis:

Thanks for your file, and we have tested it.

It may be a known issue of D5 Render, just like what you have found ’D5 Render is resetting this origin to the meshes’ geometry (center) ' the workaround method is trying to type XYZ Location to correct the position in D5 Render. However, it will be a little inconvenient.

We will fix it in the incoming release, thanks for your feedback again, good idea.

Great! I’m very glad you were able to try the file out and that you are considering the suggestion to be useful.

thank you so much


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Guys have you been able to check on this? I usually just export the walls of the project, and I place the rest of the models in separate collections (people, trees, cars, etc) and export each of them as FBX to later import them into the rende rprogram. In blender I simple export my fbxs with their origins at 0,0,0, when I import them in Twinmotion everything shows up where it should, each model referenced at the same origin, materials included. In d5, if I import the fbx, it resets its origin to the meshes, when I click on the programs tab it shows up on the cursor and I have to place it by hand. There’s no way possible to locate them by hand, or trying to get their exact coordinates from blender as they’re mismatching. Can’t you just leave the same origin set in the 3d program?

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OK, so I decided to export the whole scene from blender to D5 and the exporter worked perfectly!

Now, it would be great if D5’s Blender exporter recognized what I got under each collection and exported the scene structure the same way, then I would be able in D5 to turn on/off each collection by separate as well. (i.e. turn the people collection off to replace them and use D5’s people instead, turn off the palmtree collection to use D5’s trees instead, etc etc, you get the idea). Or even sellect in D5 one of the exported collections, select and erase it completely to replace it by a D5 library.

Hi, I want to switch from Twinmotion to D5 and buy PRO version, but there is one thing stoping me now. Tried to load huge project which is exported to separate parts. I need to maintain its parts like @afecelis mentioned. There is no way to import different fbx file on its original locations? When I placed them by hand, there is no way to align them like there was in Blender? Blender exporter works for me when tried simple scenes, but complex ones cannot be exported.
Please help guys, I need to witch from Twinmotion to make videos in D5…