D5 crashes when exporting image --&-- "Card could not utilize ray tracing message"


I have two issues that I am trying to deal with and both proving very frustrating.

  1. I have upgraded my card to a Titan X that I understand supports D5. However, when I start D5 in the top right of the screen to the left of render preview, there is a yellow exclamation mark. When I hover over it it says "Hardware or System Driver could not utilize ray tracing. Please find more details:’ When I click on the link it takes me to the Chinese home page of D5render which does not offer any explanation for the message. Why am I getting this message? I have downloaded the most current drivers for this card 457.30

  2. Most annoying is when I try to export a photo, D5 crashes!!! This applies to any model. When it crashes, theD5_dump.exe process appears in Task Manager that I have to terminate manually. What is going on? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but same result.

Not sure if they are related, but as noted, very frustrating.

D5Render Pro
Windows 10 Pro Build 18363
NVidia Titan X - 12gb Vram
16Gb Ram



Hey D5 techs,

Anyone care to repsond to my issues. I cant’ use the program at the moment!



Hi there,

First of all, I feel very sorry about the inconvenience brought by the issue.

As for your issue, first I should say it’s very abnormal. We never get “!” such notification in the program. may I know what’s your graphics card and the version number of D5 Render you currently used?

Hi Jessie, thank you for the prompt response. My graphics card is an nVidiaTitan X with 12gb of vram using the current 457.30 drivers. I have downloaded the most current version of D5 but the issue persists.

Hope we can resolve this as i am eager to get some work done.



Hi Joe,

First, could you please check out your current version number? You could see it on the left corner of the interface

In order to know your issue well, may I have your logs file from your computer?

How to get logs file - Please download and save this file in the installation directory of D5 Render, then double-click, will create a file named" D5log.7z", and send it to me

Jessie Huang

Hi again Jessie,

As requested below, my version is


The log file produced by the .bat file is attached for your information.

On top of the ! issue, I still cannot save any image.



(Attachment D5log.7z is missing)

Hi Jecete,

Thank you for the feedback. But I cannot see your attachment here, probably some errors. Could you please send me via email - minjia.huang@d5techs.com ?

Thank you very much

Hi there,

we’ve checked. Please make sure

  1. the graphic card driver is the latest one

  2. your windows system is Win10 v1809 and higher

Probably the issue caused by the system version