D5 Render 1.7.1 NOW Available


  1. HDR sampling optimization - Enhancements have been made to HDR details, with improved importance sampling to create more realistic effects of HDR lighting.

  2. Fog Effect - Boost Volumetric Light and Exponential Height Fog quality to easily create the Tyndall Effect and Aerial Perspective Effect.

  3. Assets library categories - Assets Management Function and so on.

  4. Self-illumination effect - Improved self-illumination sampling algorithm, to achieve MeshLight effects as in offline-rendering.

  5. Window custom zoom

  6. Thumbnails of scenes display

  7. D5 Converter - Workflow sync plugins

  • Launch D5 Render from D5 Converters
  • Optimized the efficiency of synchronization
  • Sync scenes from SU/ArchiCAD/Revit


  1. Bloom effect bug in output images
  2. the issue with two-point perspective in video multiple clips
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Test now new HDR sampling.

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still error with license. we registered in the china web, and not possible to use the english version.
Wrong Email or Password message

Olá Galera! atualizei o meu d5 para o 1.7.1, porem , teve uma grande diferença na qualidade da renderização. o 1,6 esta bem melhor. Alguém sabe dizer por que?

Ok, today you told me by email chinese license not compatible with english app. Do you understand no other software discriminate by language?
You should do only one version that can work in different languages. With same subscription
We paid, and now only chinese people in my team can use it
it’s ridiculous

Hi there,

It should be clarified that the only difference between the two versions is the location of the server, in order to allow each region to have a relatively stable network and service. The language of the software is automatically converted according to Windows system.

thank you

then why assets folders have chinese names only? the rest I can see in english

Please reinstall from d5render.com

Jessie Huang

no, if I install the english version I can´t use the subscription I paid

I don’t think it can be paid by international payment. Please provide with your D5 account and we’ll check it and get back to you. Considering it’s the private information, please send it to my email minjia.huang@d5techs.com

HI D5 Render team! Thank you for such a nice software. I have three questions about it:

  1. In D5 Render 1.7.1 rendering process is not stoping as it was in 1.6 version. It takes a lot of resources when its rendering all the time without any reason. There should be an option to start and stop rendering process - similar to UE4. Could you fix it?

  2. How to use new Local assets? Could you make some tutorial how to use it as it’s not working for me and it is not clear for me how it works.

  3. Once you install your asset pack in the D5 Render folder, where exactly are the asset files?

Thanks in advance.