D5 render first test

Hello everyone

My first test on D5 render 1.5

GTX 1060.


Awesome work, man. Truly great texturing.

Where do you find this furniture? I’m looking to buy some decent furniture models that are not too expensive.

Nice. :+1:

Wow, how long did it take to render on a 1060? I’m struggling with animation (render time) with my 2 1080’s.

Wow! Truly amazing.
Can you share your light setup from the architectural part?
Great work. Keep us posted.

thank you, the average time for rendering was about 1hour render time for 1,5 sec video (2k)

thank you, for the lighting , i used an HDRI with the default sun light.

Very very good

Holy crap! That is not workable :slight_smile: