D5/Sketchup Plugin makes Sketchup unusable

Dear D5 Team,

I don’t know if this is a wide know issue by now,

But since the latest 2 or 3 updates to the D5 Plugin from ver. 3.8 to 3.9 to 4.0 making a group or exploding a group or doing anything in sketchup generates a very weird and strange behavour, generating crashes, and all sort of problems, so after testing many things (even thougth about formating my pc because why not? Thankfully I didnt), like opening a new file and copy only a single component and exploding it, didnt work still took ages to do so, I decided also to Uninstall entirely Sketchup and reinstalled again (Including all the plugins) and guess what! I have found that after deleting the D5 Plugin Ver. 4.0 entirely from the Sketchup and also from the installation folder, does solve the problem.

I hope you guys can check this and solve the issue, not sure what is the problem itself.


didnt have any issues so far…

Does the crash occur in all models of Sketchup or a specific model? If it’s a specific model, can you send the model to our email jingming.liu@d5techs.com for our check? Thanks.

Hi Moya,

The actual file is a copyright protected scheme, so I’m not able to share the file but I supose I can share an small part of it with you guys, also will be sharing a screen recording of the issue that illustrate better the issue, not sure if this is related to my very specific set of hardware (Which I dont think), Anyway will issue the information to the email provided,

Thanks for your support.

Thanks for the information you provide, looking forward to your sharing.

Great, I just shared with you a Video of a screen recording and the Sketchup model, Also I think the issue is when I install the D5 Converter for Sketchup, makes my sketchup utilize only 1 of the 24 threads of my CPU, in any case I will leave this with the experts!

Thank you very much for your support.

ok today i noticed the same issue. having d5 extension installed to skp makes it freezing when working with huge scene, while disabling it or uninstalling it makes skp working faster. in the video bellow the left one is with d5 plugin. the right one is without. dont look at the skp version. i have tried this vice-versa. same thing.

Hi Julio,

See notes from pinned message on the beta channel ;

Note: Please keep it strictly confidential, do not leak the beta installation and token file.

Hi Blend,
Sorry about that! and thanks for letting me know! I haven’t share anything :wink: