D5 updating always at minimum speed

i have internet connection speed up to 10 Mbps, when using internet download manager, the speed is 600 Kbps above, normal ping, but always slow every updating d5 …
can you tell me why ?

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This problem still exists. Very frustrating.

Hi! maverickeye!
This is D5 office, If you still face this issue, please tell me where you use D5(Country). In addition, if you can help with a speed test, the D5 team will be very grateful! We will use your test data to optimize your region!
If you have some time to finish the form,please send a message to my e-mail: 2353817277@qq.com,and I will send a file of Network Speed Test to you.
Best regards! Jonh

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Dear Jonh,

Thank you for reply. Yes, the problem still persists. I am using D5 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I will try my best to assist your team in anyway required. Please let me know the proceedings.