.DAE file recognition

" If D5 could directly recognize a .DAE file ( as Lumion and Twinmotion currently do ) it would open up this wonderful program to a whole world of new users.
I guess it must be hard to accomplish, but don’t even see it on the to do list of future enhancements … "

Hi there,

May I know what’s your workflow?


Thanks for getting back to me.
I currently use Chief Architect which is capable of creating a .3DS or a .DAE file; neither of which works in D5 … :cry:I have tried the workaround of sending to Sketchup first but S.U. butchers both file types resulting in a large number of polygons that must be fixed
and then assigned groups so that D5 textures can be applied to individual items. Hours of work …
Is direct .DAE recognition by D5 on the horizon ?
I and a number of people that I know would def. buy the lifetime lic. if D5 recognizes .DAE file.

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D5 Converter-Chief Architect will be developed soon.
Please stay tuned.

Thank you

For what it’s worth, I would buy this instant if there was support for DAE.