Difference between RTX 2060 2070 and 2080

Hi guys, now I have RTX 2060 with 6gb rám in my workstation. Im gping to build eGPU for my notebook. Speciál for D5 thinking of buying so ething better than 2060…is the re significant speed up between 2060, 2070 and 2080? Is it worth the money? For mé ersonally doesnt matter IF the render takes 60 second or 80 seconds. Thanks for advice.

For a reference, my renders in 4 and 6k for the demo scene with RTX 2080 ti are

Demo_Scene-01-4k 37,53 sec

Demo_Scene-01-6k 1 min 24,09 sec

The advantage in RTX cards is the speed only and often the differences in speed between each card and the other do not need to upgrade the card but rather to increase the size of the RAM because it makes movement fast inside the program and does not close suddenly, I advise you to upgrade the rams because I suffered many problems from smallness I have RAM size, although I have a RTX2070 Super 8GB graphics card

thanks alot for advice…well the RTX 2060 was that day only in 6GB RAM option. now is also RTX 2060 with 8GB RAM. RTX 2070 and better are with 8GB and more normally.
If you think that I have only 6GB RAM in workstation total, no, I have 32GB of RAM…and seems like its enough for my work…/well honestly its sad that Sketchup cant fulently handle bigger files…especially when you want to work with shadows turned on, days ago I was referenced user of Maxon Cinema 4D and “the core” could handle much better with complex models and you can fluently model with phong shading…shadows turned on./

thanks…I will try to check my render times and post them here to use as reference for other people

anyway I am really glad that the community around D5 is so great, responsive and helpful

Hi again,

My RTX 2080 ti has 11 gb on the board, and my system has 64 gb, that I need for other applications, if you look at this post,

With this configuration I handled a 5.47 gb file in the D5 scene without problems, the good thing was that, the imported libraries that made me very slow Sketchup, importing them by FBX are reduced to less than a quarter of mb inside D5 render.

I hpoe this info are helpful for any future upgrade you need.



Hi @tomankubik

With my Zotac RTX 2080 Super
Same Demo Scene like @JoeLouis

4k = 1 mi 04 sec
6k = 2 min 18 sec

Hi Franco,

Good to Know your render times, I remember how useful the benchmarks of other users were in Lumion and Maya to know how to optimize production in 3D work.

Greetings and thanks
Joe Louis

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my RTX 2070 super 8gb

Demo scene 4k 52s

test between GTX 1070 and RTX 2070super

System specs:
CPU: Ryuzen 9 3900x https://amzn.to/2VHVEBj
GPU:RTX 2070 super https://amzn.to/2VDM1DS
motherboard: X570 Taichi
RAM: CMK32GX4M2B3500C16


Hello yoshihiko

Very good video and very graphic to show the result, well done.

The interesting thing is that having a RTX 2070 super plate achieves better time than FrancoCiarrocca’s RTX 2080 Super, I think we would have to have some other result from 2080 to see if this is the case.


AMD Ryzen 7 2700, 32GB RAM RTX 2060 6GB
4K demo scene /the same as JoeLouis/ 1min 27 sec…
so its seem like RTX 2060 vs RTX 2080ti …double speed

Yes, I thought the same. My card is factory configured, without OC. Maybe that will collaborate even more. I haven’t tested OC possibilities yet with Zotac’s FireStorm options.

My computer is a Ryzen 7 2700 - 64gb RAM 3200mhz.

Hello yoshihiko

Could you tell me what application do you use to control the render time? So I do the same test ?.
Do you have working with the factory settins the card? or do you apply any OC on it ?.

Thank you!

I used just nowmal wristwatch

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Thanks tomakubik!

Hi guys, Im thinking of creating some benchmark reslut chart, for newconers to know what to expect from each other graphic card. Also maybe some dollar/second ratio to know if its worth to invest to more expensive graphic card… What do you think…?


Hi Tomankubik,

its very usefull for the people to know the results for a new hardware upgrade.

I post the example for Maya an Arnold render, with the data of all users, with the same example scene.

These results comes from maya 2019, Arnold 3.1.2 for Maya, fast benchmark 1170x659px, latest results update on 28 Jan 2019

Hi JoeLouis, my actual problem is that, we have only few input data /maybe 5-6/, maybe it will be helpful if some from D5 team will cooperate…or maybe they already have something like that…and I’m inventing the wheel right now :grinning:

Hey tomankubik,

It’s a great idea and topic!
We’re quite interested in it.
Just let me know how D5 team can join and help!

Feel free to contact me via message here or email - minjia.huang@d5techs.com

Thank you very much

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