Dirt or weathering shader

a dirtshader would be interesting. Not AO!, I am talking about rust, stone and metal and so on, that makes materials more relistic. It is a kind of weathering. In Lumion there you can find it. It is very useful.
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I also think this will have a huge improvement. I know its on the roadmap, lets hope its coming soon. In addition to this rounded edges will also add much realism.

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Round edges is also very useful.
I do hope, this will come to D5.

i think these will come as decals later

I did trial TwinMotion (not so great), they too have a dirt option in their materials, it was one of those things I loved!

I agree some sort of weathering to the materials. I use Lumion and this helps to create some unique surfaces in projects.

YES round edges PLEASE team. Thank you!