Drs Repair Tool|If you fail to open the saved file

If you’re encountering the issue that the saved files fail to load in D5 Render, it is probably caused by

  1. Too many plants in the scene
  2. Too many high-resolution (16k) HDRIs used in the scene

The Repair Tool is for clearing the overloaded resources in the scene, which helps to ​open the file successfully.
:warning:It must be installed in the installation directory of D5 Render 180. Please backup your project and exit D5 Render before proceeding.


  1. This is a temporary repair tool for Version 1.8.0, for urgent project needs
  2. Please reduce the use of high-resolution(16K) HDRIs. If multiple scenes need to use custom HDR, it is recommended to use the copy parameter feature of the scene list, or use lower resolution (4K) HDR

The issue is expected to be fixed and optimized in Version 1.8.1.

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