Everything becomes so dark suddenly when rendered

I have loaded a sketchup file and in high quality preview, the interior nomally appear with the amount of lighting you would expect to have, and when rendered a photo, the same thing is rendered normally. But when a 4K or 8K panorama is rendered, the rendered image and model space then become so dark and stay that way. i don’t know why this happens and how to avoid it.
Please advice

Thanks in Advance!

this is before doing panaroma render

After doing panaroma render

bump. did anyone figure out?
It’s very inconvenient to face this issue halfway in a project after so many textures are applied.

Hi there,

Does the issue still exist in version 1.7?

yes. i have updated to 1.7 version and the issue is still there. i have taken a video from my phone and uploaded here. please check…

Thank you

solved it! it’s because that the exposure is set to auto and when panoramas are rendered, exposure setting goes from auto to manual.