Expect the D5 support 3Ds Max to retain the material Vray and Corona

Hi D5 Team!
I really want the development team to use the whole scene in 3Ds Max but still retain Materials, Textures, Maps with renderers like Vray, Corona … etc.

I will definitely support and support the training of my students.
Waiting for this miracle from the team.

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Hi khongducdung:

Actually, we have released a plugin of 3ds Max named D5 Converter. It could transfer 3ds Max file with Vray materials to D5 render file(.d5a) or SketchUp file which is rendering ready for D5 render.
If you want to use the whole scene, just export all of the scene to.d5a file with the converter, then new a project with the exported file.

And you can download it on our official website (www.d5techs.com).

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Hi. Does the d5 converter work for sketchup as well?

Do you mean could the converter export SketchUp file?

Yes, It can export SketchUp file from 3Ds Max.

Hi D5 Team, thank you for your effort!

Do you guys have planned any Corona exporter for the future?

Hey, albertob.

For now, we have no plan to develop the Corona exporter. However, you can use the ‘Vray scene converter’ to convert the Corona materials to Vray materials as a workaround way. And you can also check the FAQ in the manual of D5 Converter for more information.

I’ ll give it a try, thank you.