Exporting from Blender in D5a format


I am interested in maybe purchasing a professional version of D5 Render, but want to find out a number of things:

When I export using D5 converter in Blender to D5a the time for the conversion takes a very long time and when the file is eventually completed, the file size is very large. Sample Blender file of Kitchen is 49mb . Same model once converted to D5 is 640mb!

Conversion took approximately 10 minutes to complete.

I didn’t have any issues once it was converted, but trying to convert a bedroom scene from Blender is currently still in progress and is taking more than 20 minutes. I use RTX 2070 card

Can this be speeded up?

Will you be developing a direct sync from Blender to D5 Render and if so when will this be due?

maybe use fbx ?

Issue is that using FBX you lose all your assigned materials that you have gone to the trouble of assigning in Blender. Need to find a way to get the conversion completed quicker.
Also didn’t get an answer as to when you might be making a direct sync from Blender to D5

Thank you



The update of D5 Converter-Blender will be developed in several months. The slow exporting speed is caused by UV baking, or the effect of materials will be influenced. It can be faster if you turn off “bake texture” and replace part of them directly in D5.

Hope it helps

Hi Jessie

I haven’t baked any textures and it’s seems a waste of time to create textures or apply them in Blender and then remove them so I can use the textures in D5.

In your tutorial videos it is shown that you can use the materials assigned in Sketchup so why not the same for Blender.

As Sletchup is moving away from their original traditional free version I believe more people will move away from them and go to Blender. Perhaps it would be a good idea to get a Blender sync operational sooner.

Thank you