Exterior 3D Render of an Old Project [ MANISH LOHIA ]

Hey D5 Members,

This is from one of the projects I did almost an year ago, initially it was done in an earlier version of D5. I recently did this one using D5 1.9 to make the corrections as per client.

Hope you like it. Any suggestions are most welcome.

If you understand hindi, you are most welcome to attend my webinar which will be held tomorrow on youtube live.

Link to the live webinar : D5 Render Hindi Webinar #1 ( Introduction ) - YouTube
All my Social Media Links : www.manishlohia.com

D5 Render Version: 1.9
Graphics Card: RTX 2080 ti
Workflow: Sketchup 2020 + D5 Render 1.9


It is better than the first version, although the light is a bit different.
Maybe a bit more reflection on the ground floor windows wold be nice.
Is it Geo-Sky or Hdri?
Great image.

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Thanks Flamingo,

yes I think the reflection on ground floor windows would have been better, looks like a hurriedly uploaded it

It is geo sky.

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Great exterior manishlohia2808, :+1:t4: