Exterior testing new update 1.6.1

Hello people of D5
testing new update 1.6.1 Beautiful and creative, especially improving the brush tool and catching and dropping files
I hope in the next updates that work will be done to add the fur material, and also work on the material curtains, so I see that the program is almost complete from the basics
Greetings and more creativity ⁦❤️⁩


Hey there, that looks great. Are you able to select the grass once it has been applied. I’m pretty sure it used to appear in the scene list so that you could make change/delete it. But I don’t seem to be able to see it any more :frowning:

Edit: never mind I have figured out how to use the painting/fill feature. Painted vegetation is always live so no need for it to appear in the scene list. Whenever you paint more vegetation it is all added to the same virtual layer so to Remove vegetation you can use the eraser at any time. I also figured out that if you select any of the items that you have already added in the the assets panel and then select erase, it will only erase instances of the selected items - which is super handy.

Hi, Aymn!
How did you do the grass (with fur)?
I had tried to make it using the brush, but the result look like so terrible… kkkk

Hi tiagoamorim,
you may create a surface to apply grass asset using assets/materials/grass/grass cluster and incresing radius to max, the dropping cup will turn to blue, that means that you can drop the cluster into the surface to fill it with grass (my suggestion is that is better place the suface about 10-15 cm lower…)
cheers :herb:

Hi, Aymn.
Thanks a lot!
About the surface. Did you place it in sketchup model or can we make it in the D5R?
What was the grass cluster you use in that scene?