Fine camera Tunning

Im using D5 and i think that its a software with lots of potencial. But when i try to make videos, i miss some features, for example, i would love to use 3d spacemouse to navigate, like other softwares, but the thing i find most difficult is doing small camera increments, because the modes 3D and wasd, wont let me do smal camera movents, for example im looking to a vase on a desk, and only want move 5 cm to one of the sides… whenever i try to move using the sistem navigation it will move 30/50cm…
Another thing i think need improvemnt its camera movements, if you try to rotate around an object and then try to rotate and move camera down it will make a strange movent on the camera transition from one movent to the other, with should be more smoth…

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Hi Graphite,

Thank you for trusting us~
For the first question, you can try slowing down the camera moving speed( We don’t have a function to set camera moving distance yet, for now, we can only control the speed)
And for the other one, we have improved the camera movement in the next 2 builds. Please wait for updates and hope you will be satisfied.

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Thanks… it would be great to import cameras from real fottage, fbx cameras with paths… to aply rendering with real videos…

Currently you can use the D5 Converter to sync the lens in the modeling software to d5.
And we will support Path animation in the future.

Ok ive done that and it works in the modelling part but when I change to render video I can’t use the camera sincronization, maybe I’m doing something wrong… thanks