First Exterior with D5 1.7.1

this is my first exterior rendering with D5.
The model is from the 3D Warehouse. A very nice one.
I saw this rendering with Lumion on Behance, so I decided to render it in D5.

Maybe you like it.


Truly amazing quality, well done.

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hi Wolfgang, was sind das hier für Kamerasettings?

Warum fragst du?Settings

Could you find this render in Lumion ?
I wonder is it big different ?

I cannot show renderings from other users here in this forum.
What I can say is, that the vegetation in Lumion is much better.
The grass is in D5 more realistic, than in Lumion.
The GI depends on your settings. Both are good.
I think Lumion is at the moment better for exteriors than D5
and for Interiors the other way around.
D5 is very potential. I am looking forward to, seeing the release 2.

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sehr nett vielen Dank hatte mich einfach nur gefragt was das für settings sind