First time doing exterior project with d5 render



Some subjective tips:

  1. Walls are never so white. They look as if they are self illuminated.
  2. Roof tiles look flat, they need to be modeled, particularly if seen from this angle.
  3. Camera need some shallow DOF to blur the close tree slightly.
  4. Sky could be more defined. Bluer with or without clouds.
  5. Water? on the right is distracting.
  6. Small tree could be moved towards the right end of the frame for balance.
  7. I find the hairless dalmatian :smiley: distracting. I would put it close to the woman or get rid of it altogether.
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I do agree with 3dfan…but…overall I really like the feel of the picture…from my point of view 9/10


Agree with you. Good work for a first exterior. Just trying to help with subjective tips. :wink:

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I know…well still waiting for your tips to my work…but maybe the list is too long to write to forum :sweat_smile:

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Problem is I notice I am spending too much time in the forums, which I am stealing from my own work :wink:
I will try to help with tips whenever I can, but I realize it is a sensitive subject and some may not need/want any advise at all. Ok, back to my own work now. Take care.

I do understand…this is not my case, I really appreciate critics, tips, anything

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Thanks. I will bash your work whenever I can. (kidding). Talk latter. :+1: