Future Rhino support

Hi, I would love to know how your support for Rhino is going to develop in the future. Right now a lot of other software has better support. Is this only a matter of time, or do you not plan on getting similar functions to rhino? If I knew you were extending support, i could make the purchase and know i am okay with the D5 and Rhino combination.

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As an architect from central europe, i have to say that Rhino is one of the most used programs for free modelling and conceptual design and is known in almost every architectural office, regardless of the lack of BIM functions…
Furthermore Rhino is supported in almost every known render software like V-ray, Maxwell etc. and so i hope the Team of D5Render will not miss the boat :wink:

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Hey, guys.

For now, the D5 Render has supported to import of the Rhino files directly.

And we are planning to develop a D5 Converter for Rhino that could contain Live Sync, please stay tuned.


Hi D5, Is there any update on Rhino Converter? When we could expect it? Many thanks! T