Global illumination

please add more bounces for indirect light. the interiors look crappy. especially the walls far from the windows. more bounces will give more real life look.


to achieve this one i had to add some fake rectangle lights in the back wall to simulate a tiny GI bounce effect. but this method does not always apply in any project.


having a big interior with one single little window gives bad GI result. so we need more bounces for indirect lighting

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Having available settings for the rendering calculations instead of just quality options will make D5 a more professional tool. Take for example Octane Render which is the optimum tool in matters of light management and rendering quality.

Ray tracing means light management so the options to imrpove the rendering quality, manage bounces, rendering frames, GI illumination etc… or use multiple GPUs will upgrade D5 to a rendering engine and not just an architectural vizualization tool. The combination of both is the ideal product.