Gpu is out of memory in 1.7

Hi, i was working in a proyect with someone else, and out of nowhere when we were trying to open a file, d5 told us that we were running out of memory, it doesnt open even though we tried opening it on more than one pc, each with a different rtx gpu(2060, 2070, 2080).

I though that maybe it was a opening problem, because the proyect wasn´t slow when we were working on it, so we made a new one and this one was ligther and was working fine all day, we didnt even modified the file for hours, we just tried opening it from time to time to see if it worked and thats it, whe didnt even saved it when we opened it, and in the nigth out of nowhere it stoped working again, and now we cant open it again, even though its the exact same file we could open more than once before.

The program is impressive, we were thinking of using it on the office i work for, so i was trying it independently before making the jump, and this came out of nowhere, this is a serius problem, because if we cant be certain that our file will work at all times, then the program is impractical.

Hi Andre,

Thank you for the feedback.
First I’m very sorry for the inconvenience brought by the issue.To figure out the issue ASAP,
We need some files from you, which can help us reproduce and know the issue better, and to figure it out ASAP.

  1. the whole scene file folder saved from D5, which includes drs, models and assets
  2. the logs file

How to get logs file - Please download and save this file in the installation directory of D5 Render, then double-click, will create a file named" D5log.7z", and send it to

Also, there’s a temporary solution for you -
Please try to follow the steps below -

  1. right-click to run with admin
  2. Close D5 after entering the welcome page
  3. Restart your PC
  4. Start and use D5

thank you very much

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A have the same problem!!!

This guy have the same problem!

img 03

Did you use lots of plants, especially grass in the scene?

  • 2 types of grass

  • 3 types of trees

  • 5 cars

  • 7 caracters

this number of objects shouldn’t be a problem!

I have GTX 1070TI video card. 8gb memory. This archieve have 2gb

I don’t understand what may have happened

Please send the whole folder saved from D5 to me, including drs, assets, models, etc. We’ll check it and help you to open it.

My email is