HDRI and reflection bug

when Hdri is turned on it results in reflective materials becoming overly bright, as if the surroundings are not calculated in the reflection, only the HDRI, which looks odd in interior scenes,
attached screen grabs show the issue, one with HDRi on and one with it off, nothing else was changed in the scene, and the materials are standard materials from the assett library

Hi Chris,

Seems like there’s light leaking in models.
Could you try to render an image? to see if the issue still exists in output.
If still exists, please send the scene file(the whole folder saved from D5, including drs, assets, models, etc.) to support@d5techs.com which can help us reproduce the issue and figure out the reason.

Thank you

Hi Jessie,
I have forwarded the scene file and assets to the email you gave me via wetransfer. The problem exists when you render also yes, see attached,

many thanks


I am also having these exact problems with the HDRI and reflections. I have sent my file to the support email.
The metal reflections are too bright, and light leaks along the ceiling. If the model is too wide, then you lose shading in the renders and the image becomes over exposed.

thanks Jessica, yes i tried everything, and in the end put it down to maybe a problem with the software,
what do you mean by the model being too wide?

I have a building that i put at 0,0 origin. I place a “site plan” plane for the ground and these were my results:

  1. With the site below:

    I get this result

  2. When i take the site out of the imported model i get the results below:


I had to take out any specular from the floor, because i was getting the same results as you were. Even now, you can see along the wall it is reflecting the hdri.

If i dont have a “wide” model imported into d5 then it is mediocre. but with a large model i am not able to do anything worth while. before the update, I was able to import the first sketchup above and it worked fine.

I have reverted back to version 1.7.1 and everything is fine again and i can work on my projects. I will wait til the new update to test to see if they have fixed. but unfortunately 1.8 is bugged

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for the feedback. It really helps!
We’re looking into the issue and will try to figure it out asap.

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Thanks Jessie thats really helpful.
Best regards

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