HDRI and reflection bug

when Hdri is turned on it results in reflective materials becoming overly bright, as if the surroundings are not calculated in the reflection, only the HDRI, which looks odd in interior scenes,
attached screen grabs show the issue, one with HDRi on and one with it off, nothing else was changed in the scene, and the materials are standard materials from the assett library

Hi Chris,

Seems like there’s light leaking in models.
Could you try to render an image? to see if the issue still exists in output.
If still exists, please send the scene file(the whole folder saved from D5, including drs, assets, models, etc.) to support@d5techs.com which can help us reproduce the issue and figure out the reason.

Thank you

Hi Jessie,
I have forwarded the scene file and assets to the email you gave me via wetransfer. The problem exists when you render also yes, see attached,

many thanks