Home render

I have enjoyed learning D5 and please with the results :grinning:. I’d like your comments and any tips to help.

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nice one, maybe try to change camera view…

Cheers, change it how ?

Hi, please dont take me as a pro…but few ideas:

  1. most of archviz use 2poit perspective, or atleast make your verticals vertical…hope you know what I mean
  2. its nice to use some composition system /system of thirds, golden ratio, triangulation, etc/
  3. try to bring some depth /rotate camera to have something in foreground-maybe detailed object, something in the middle, something in background/
  4. take inspiration from archviz, photos, movies…
  5. here is a picture from this forum /not mine, hope author will not be angry/…its good example: verticals are vertical, the sharp edge of roof is in the right third of picture, in foreground there is bit of a tree and reflecting pool, in backroung stonewall and dark trees on the left side a and also on the right side above the car…

please dont take me too serious…Im not such a pro…just try to play with it and it will come…wish you all the best

Ahh thank you, for the tips. i take on board.
re. the two point perspective i do try to render in that, but it keeps changing back to another perspective and i keep forgetting to reset it before the renders.

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