House with pool


New house project.
Modeled in SketchUp + D5 1.8 without photoshop processing. Maybe you will like it :slight_smile:

Hanging flowers bother me. They look unnatural. I have to fix them. :innocent:


wow, great work!

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Thanks Dadi !

Looks great.
In my opinion, the images are too dark and the trees do have all the same colour. But this is not your problem.
I do hope this will change in the next releases.

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I like the first image. The decals have a good addition to realism!

Thanks for the comment. :+1: I will try to make it brighter.

Thanks, I agree.

I brightened it.

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Yes! Much better and realistic.
Maybe you can disaturate the red tree.
Either this tree is exotic, or it is autumn. In this case, severall trees would be red or yellow.
But this is my opinion.

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The feature of adjusting the color of plants will probably be released in 190 or 191. Please stay tuned!

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I agree, it’s too red. Otherwise, it’s red maple… it is also red in summer. Thanks Flamingo.