How Can I render FrontView (not perspective)

(Q1) How can I execute FrontView Render (not perspective)
I set the camera window the following
・ ViewMode = Front (F)
・ Display Mode = Lit

But this approach is not contain background (sky) and shading is not good.
this result is inferior quality than other perspective angles .Certainly different result.

(Q2) Where Can I get Hidden Line Mode?
Wall joint split (slit ) is not appears frontt view mode.
I need hidden line render result to use it in postproduction @ photoshop.

If current D5 render does not have Front View Render(Not Perspective on)
and Hidden line mode, Please add these function next update.

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Hi ogw087,

Thank you for the suggestion! I have discussed with my colleague and uploaded a request which soon can be sent to the product team. Also, you can track its progress on this page: Trello

Best regards,

thanks !
When I use orthographic mode in D5, result is not good.
it is certainly different than other perspective render result.

・)Quility is down
・)Wall joint split (narrow) is disappear


Thanks for the updates. In D5 now we are not able to render in Orthographic view, can you please share with me more details or the steps you render in orthographic mode? If I misunderstand your meaning of ‘result’, feel free to post back.

Thank you~