⚠ How to Report a Bug

  • You can start by checking D5 Wiki to see if you have encountered a known issue. We have listed most of the known issues and solutions.
  • If it failed to find a solution in D5 Wiki , you can send us a bug report.

Note: A detailed description of the issue will help us figure it out better and faster.

How to describe

Please describe the issue in detail and attach screenshots or video recordings.

If possible, please let us know the steps to reproduce the issue so that we can better locate the problem.

What should be provided

  1. Your current version number of D5 Render

  2. Your graphics card and the version of the driver

  3. There are two folders named “Logs”. Please compress them and send to the staff 2 folders:

    • Win C: “%local appdata%\d5_immerse\Saved\Logs”
    • Installation Directory of D5 Render: “D5 Render\logs”
  4. The scene file

    • The whole folder saved from D5 Render, including .drs, asset, model, etc.
  5. The model file(optional)

    • If the error occurs only for a specific model, please send that model file to us as well.

Please send the above files to support@d5techs.com

bug status update

The status of a bug report is ​pending​ ​known-issue​ ​fixed​closed​

  • If there are any details that need to be confirmed after the initial submission of the bug, the status will be changed to ​pending​
  • Known-issue status will be changed to ​known-issue​
  • ​fixed
  • If is not a bug or no new updates are received within 7 days, the bug will be closed and the status will be changed to ​closed