I need a function to import camera from other scene or other format

Q)How Can I import (export) only camera from other D5 Scene ?
Q)How Can I import (export) only camera from other format skp or fbx ?
Q)Is there the merge scene function? ( it can merge other D5 scene into current D5 scene )

this function is very important.
If D5 current version does not have this function, please add these functions.

[ situation ]
Clients wants to decide new (additional ) camera angles by themselves.
So I have to import additional cameras in current scnene.
nevertheless I have already done build D5 scene and finished render at once.

If D5 can import sketchup or fbx scene camera
maybe I can respond clients demand. But I did not know these method in D5

Hi there, thank you for the suggestion, has forwarded to the product team!
Other users have also mentioned similar needs and expects to support in the near future.