Import fbx d5a etc

i have an issue. I’m not able to import objects. If i import d5a or fbx for exemple, i can see it in the list of imported objects, but my scene is empty.

If i start a new scene by importing it (new > from model file) it works, everything is ok.
Sothat way i can’t import multiples files, only the first one works

I don’t know what to do


Once you see the imported file in the list, you put your cursor over and see a bin to delete and an arrow next to it to actually merge into the scene. Hope it helps. :smiley:

Oh yes :wink:
Sorry for my silly question,
usually I go through sketchup


In some tutorials on the Web, you are able to do this by drag&drop from the list. Unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore in the current version (1.7.1)?! :man_shrugging: