Issues D5 plug-in Revit 2021

D5 Render Version: 1.9
Graphics Card: rtx 3090
Driver Version: Nvidia Studio Driver 462.59
Issue Description:

With the new update 1.9 the D5 converter for Revit 2021 doesn’t work properly, Sync button doesn’t update the changes made in Revit anymore, I have to Stop D5 converter and then Start D5 converter again to get these changes in the D5 file.

Screenshots/Videos Description:

Steps to Reproduce (optional):

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience, the problem happened to a specific file or all files in Revit/D5?
The D5 1.9 is installed from the official site, or upgraded from 1.8 directly? If the problem remains, please turn off antivirus software temporarily then reinstall the plug-in and try the sync function to see the result.



It happens with all the files, I upgraded the 1.8, I’m a pro user
I’ll try your suggestion.