Jpg textures missing after reload

I imported a sketchup 2019 model with multiple jpg textures (different prints on an identical package on a shelf and some signs) with no problems, but after reloading it, all the jpg textures were missing but one, which happens to have a red color on it. When I try to reapply them it allows me only one picture for all like there is only one instance of all the components, similar or not. If I import again the self as a component, then the prints reappear in the new import, but not in the initial model.
P.S. If I explode the group (shelf), it reloads with no problems. So maybe jpg textures in groups doesn’t reload properly.

Hi Ioannis,

In this case, it is recommended to explode the group.

Thank you

Thx for the reply, I appreciate it. This was the solution I used, but if I make changes in the skp model it’s difficult to work with exploded groups, or if I have the initial model but with some revisions from a client, I don’t want to explode the groups again and again in order to reload it properly. So it would be great if you could fix the reload function, as the main import function works ok.