Light leaks!

asking the devs. we have a good engine so far and very far from beta already but still with no fixes on light leaks. do you understand that this is the main reason why i still cannot use D5 in my daily work??? come on guys. we really want to see D5 in the same step with other engines and even further. please be more responsive to user reports.

my gpu is 2080ti. latest windows 10 build. tried latest drivers. studio and game ready drivers.

Try to give thickness to the ceiling and floor. It should fix this problem.

all these have enough thickness

Hey Andre,
Did you consider might be your model?
Sketchup doesn’t have these problems.
When I use CA (Chief architect) program I have this problem too.
It’s all about geometry.

i have tried a simple scene with skp. same problem !!!

Hi Andrey,

The issue sometimes occurs on some models, it’s fixed in version 180, which will be released in the next month.

Stay tuned!

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thanks ! that’s what i expect.

I Have the same problem in various models/scenes!

img 04|690x388

Hi Tiago,

Could you please check if your models are single mesh?
If not, please send some of the scene files(both skp file and D5 project file) to , and we’d like to look into them

Thank you

sadly :pensive:

Hey Andrey,

I wonder if the light leaking issue still exists on your projects?

If so, could you please send me both the skp and scene file(the whole folder saved from D5, including drs, asset, model, etc.) to We’re now testing if we’ve already fixed the issue completely.

Thank you very much for your help

ok will pack and send them today

upd: just sent.

Well received.

Thank you very much

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