Material "Node Wrangler"

Cauld you make tool like in Blender — Node Wrangler — in material previ.

Now you add texture eg. roughness and you can’t realy see it on object (sise, tile , ets)

it is hard to composite whole material

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i’m afraid this is far to be implemented. now they must fix and add more basic options rather than this.

but it really helpfull

Hi there,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Could you elaborate on it for us? which can help us know better about your request!

Thank you

In Blender it is build in addon . it anables you to prev. each texture - and of course UV / scale / rotation / ewerything whot you can do with texture.

In D5 render its hard to see normal map or roughnes - when you put same imperfactions map for example. you cant see and put correct scale or rotation .

it shoud be abe to click on texture and see it od the object