Material UV scale too small

hello, I work with 1.7.1 and revit 2021
When I try to do any material, even the biggest UV scale (.01) gives a very small texture scale
is it possible to control the units in D5?
maybe it´s in mm by default, while I work in revit in m?
I attach an example capture

Hello, can you send your project file to ? I can then probably find the problem.

sorry, but these kind of projects are too big, this one 130mb

er… maybe google drive? send the link to my email when you don’t want to share it in the forum.

I did a reduced file and sent by email.
but all files have the same proble, UV scale too small

By project file I mean your .rvt file, not d5a… :joy:

Yes, me too

I tried, but your mail has a limit of 9MB, it is around 35mb
is easy to get the bug i paste capture in D5 and enscape (the correct result)

Hello, can you upload your project file on google drive? Or can you give me your skype account? I can’t find the bug without the .rvt file.

I have a similar problem but with a 3d max file

It’s been fixed in the new version. Will be released in the next month

Thank you