Moving on its own

I am facing a issue related to the walk view mode.
When I am working on a project, many times I have to close and open it again because the walk view mode starts walking on its own with no command and just doesn’t stop. I tried changing to 3d mode and coming back to walk view but unfortunately the problem persists.

This propably happens because you pressed moving keys on keyboard twice in a row. Try fast double pressing keys in which direction you are moving again to stop it (Like W for when you are moving forward). I will be honest i would like if they removed this or change which keys activate this movement because its really irritating sometimes.


Thank you for the tip, I really didn’t know about that!

Actually, that is not the problem! It happened again and I could not stop it by clicking twice.

Hi atherrera! This kind of problem has been solved in the new version, please focus the new version released!Thanks for your support!

When will you come? 1.6.1