Multiple GPU's possible?

Hi Team - can I use my 1080 Ti and RTX 3080 to enhance performance speed. Two different architecture cards. I’m aware that there where some plans to add this is future release back in May 2020.

Thank you.

Hi, we plan to support SLI in version 1.9. But multiple gpu usage with different models is not under consideration yet.

Hi Team - thank you. Great I have two slots in my motherboard with one 3080 - now just need to get another 3080 then :wink:

JUST TO CONFIRM - if I have two identical GPU’s same manufacture/ spec. Will D5 use 2 x 100% GPU power when 1.9.0 is relaesed.

Is SLI still supported by Nvidia? I thought this function is over with GTX Line…

Good question Tomankubik. Do you think that it is not support with RTX anymore?

No sure but seems like Nvidia stopped supporting SLI as far as I understand

3080 has no SLI bridge, 3090 has SLI bridge. But hard to configure on motherboard (size of card etc). Curious about the upcoming 3080ti.