Need for more racially diverse people library

Hello, I’ll be really glad if you could have more racially diverse people library…there is, so far, just one African character; can we have some more, please? Thanks :frowning_face:

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Hi Mr. Michael
Sorry, I’m an Asian and my friends is an Arab, we can ask the same questions too.
But it doesn’t make sense to have many different characters in architecture and interior design. We also use people discreetly in the design. We have our own library for our customers in countries like Arabia, Europe or Asia.
Perhaps it would be nicer Assceoir and Decor to see the effect of the render for a quick moment.

I do not think so, that an African is interested in Asian or Arabic furniture or people from my library.

Therefore it would be more important for everyone to have “New and improvements” like with the updates 1.8.1.or like Roadplan.

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Could not agree more. Also coming from vray/lumion. We use anima (paid version) for our models. Endless possibilities since that software is dedicated to delivering 3d people models. You also have lots of other resources. D5 should focus on integration or importing those models (what they are doing now). I think those mechanics are much more important than a library of 1000+ models of people.